Cos Chapman’s OpenJack Takeover 5

Cos Chapman’s OpenJack Takeover 5 – 1st February, 2017, 7.30pm


Jowe Head

Electric Elizabeth

The Moon and Madness

DJ Steve New Wave

Mowgli and the slate pipe banjo draggers have been collaborating on sound and audiovisual projects since 2012 and have played at numerous digital arts festivals and events throughout the UK and Europe. Their work, which is performance based with a strong improvisational element, is created with a range of digital, analogue and acoustic media and often incorporates self and custom-made instruments with unpredictable results. From textured drones to beats, found sounds and plundered media, their performances travel through progressively varying soundscapes :

Jowe Head – solo experimental! What will he be up to now..?

Electric Elizabeth: Electric Elizabeth was born on November 1st 2015 when the Noisevember project started that year. She’s had fun learning how to investigate sounds using audacity and looking forward to learning how to plug things in and not cause explosions.

The Moon and Madness – Jo Roberts and Cos from Rude Mechanicals in a more experimental mood

DJ Steve New Wave – the clue is in the name…

Suggested donation £5